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“New Build” Insulated Metal Roofing Systems

Over-Roofing Metal & Asbestos Refurbishment

Flat Pitch to Lightweight Steel Roof Conversions

Four hour Fire Resistant Cold Store Systems

High Security Roof, Wall & Floor Systems

MRC’s Specialised Roofing & Cladding Services.

Summary of the 3 main specialist services as follows:

Our specialised roofing & cladding services are available for all elements of the contractual chain, from End User Clients, Architects and Main Contractors, through to Roofing Contractors & Roofing & Cladding Manufacturers and Suppliers from new build projects through to refurbishment.

1. Roof Inspection & Workmanship Auditing with full Reporting System.

MRC provides you with the flexibility of having your own clerk of works, specialist experienced roofing inspector & workmanship auditor.

2. Supplier of High Quality Metal Roofing & Cladding Systems.

MRC provides you with real choice in market leading high quality international recognised and accredited roofing & cladding components with accredited systems previously unavailable.

3. Turn Key Energy Efficient Roof & Cladding Solutions for New Build & Refurbishment Projects.

All of the above services can be encapsulated into the ultimate Roofing & Cladding Service providing a turn key package for new building & refurbishment metal roofing and cladding projects from specification or inspection, through to supply, installation & maintenance. 

“MRC’s metal roofing and cladding services provide all our clients with choice in design, supply, installation and maintenance.”