Single Point of contact for your property needs.

Our service utilises the breadth of the MRC Group’s international experience across the full range of disciplines, solutions and products. We are an entirely client-focused team, and we aim to become your preferred contractor of choice for all your property.

MRC Group tailors the services it provides to individual client requirements, advising, installing & maintaining metal roofing & cladding, waterproofing and specialist coatings from acquisitions, change of use and occupation through to sale.


Helping properties GET and STAY on track for Success!

We assist property owners in defining their property requirements and develop plan to accomplish and satisfy them. We have been successful in working with clients in developing their property portfolio and have repaired, renovated, upgraded and maintained a vast range of roofing, cladding & waterproofing systems to ensure their peace of mind.

We have the ability to adapt our systems and programs to fit the individual needs and goals of the property owner. Our management program, energy efficient roofing & waterproofing systems can be completely tailored to be compatible with your specific needs.